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Expand GrandFabric fabric backwall trade show display with woman in front.

Expand GrandFabric. Our most popular backwall with high quality fabric prints that gives your image a perfect rendering. Available in two shapes; straight and curved and different widths and heights. With the possibility to add a monitor and shelving, the Expand GrandFabric backwall allows you to be more creative and to think out-of-the-box when designing your display. This backwall is also part of our modular and portable display system, were you can connect one or more backwalls, such as our Expand Lightbox Portable, to create an elaborate booth. With all these possibilities it has become one of our most loved products.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Set-Up


With the Expand GrandFabric System you can easily create extraordinary display solutions every time you use it - for your trade show, branding activities and other events where you meet your clients and prospects. With this reusable modular system you can display your message in single-sided or double-sided. Combine the frames as you like for each occasion. Add accessories of your choice - such as storage, tables, shelves and monitor holders.

This is the ultimate all-around display solution with high-quality fabric prints that puts your brand communication in focus.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Frame

Click the frame parts together

Made with lightweight aluminum for quick and easy set up. Just click the frame sections together.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Studio

Wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric

Your graphic is dye sub printed on a wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric with excellent print quality. Choose between prints on both sides or with a black back. 


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Mount

Cover the frames with the fabric

Pull the fabric over the frames like a pillowcase, which makes your message visible from both front and back. Zip closed for a taunt, smooth fit.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Accessories

Support feet

Two support feet come with your backwall. Just click the feet onto the frame.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Feet

Support feet - half

Half feet are also available if you would like to put your Expand GrandFabric back against a wall.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Parts

All parts protected

All parts come in protective nylon cases - the feet, the frame parts and your printed fabric.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Bag

Hard case or nylon bag

Most or our customers choose the hard case on wheels as it also turns into a counter. Another option is the nylon bag on wheels. Both are perfect options for carrying and protecting your backwall.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Monitor

A monitor wall for presentations

Add a monitor holder onto the wall to easily show a digital presentation or commercial while communicating your brand on the wall. Comes with extra long feet to ensure stability.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Shelves

Attachable shelves

Display your products on one or several shelves that are easily attached to the backwall. Available for both left and right positioning. Max load 6.5 lbs. Must be used with extra long feet for stability.



Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Bag

Add brochure pockets

Make sure your marketing material is easily accessible for your customers and prospects. Max load 4.5 lbs.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Monitor

A table for your display

Complete your display with a table and make samples and giveways acessible for visitors. Available for both left and right positioning. Max load 33 lbs.


Expand GrandFabric Fabric Display Shelves

Put your message in the spotlight

Choose a LED spotlight to highlight your message. The light has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, is energy efficient (19W) and complies with all CE, UL and CSA requirements.

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