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MultiQuad is a portable display composed of interchangeable Quads, giving you the freedom to change messages and images quickly to respond to market demand. Each quad easily attaches to the frame with magnets so a change can even be made during a show since no tools are required.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Easy to Assemble

MultiQuad utilizes a foolproof labeling system with all parts color coded and numbered. Simply connect where two numbers match like 1 to 1 and 3 to 3. All done with no tools.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Quickly Change Your Look

Coming up with a unique design for your MultiQuad is easy with a our large variety of panel options. Each panel can be a graphic, fabric, wood grain, shelf or LCD monitor.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Works for ALL Shows

From 10x10 or larger space; from inline to island configurations, MultiQuad works beautifully. The same components are always used. Since MultiQuad can be finished on all sides, there is never a problem converting an inline to an island.

Multiquad modular trade show display.

Earth-friendly and Cost Conscious

MultiQuad is a "green" exhibit that now offers an exclusive buy-back program for when you no longer need your exhibit. Earn up to 20% of the MSRP with Redeem For Green.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Illuminate with Backlit Quads

You can easily transform Quads and multiple Quad combinations into striking backlit graphics! From back-lighting a single 23" x 23" Quad to creating a big, seamless backlit 4' x 4' or 4' x 8' graphic, MultiQuad makes it easy.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Low Drayage Costs

A 4' x 8' MultiQuad frame weighs only 38 pounds. That makes the average 10' configuration about the same weight as a 10' pop-up display! MultiQuad saves BIG on weight-based show drayage costs.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Big Giant Towers

Eliminate the expense of hanging signs and get your name up to 16' high with a MultiQuad tower. Choose from one of our standard kits or have our design team create a unique tower to give you a big look at your next show.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Portable If You Want It To Be

All MultiQuad components can ship via FedEx or UPS. All of them. A 4' x 8' MultiQuad frame with Quads is 32 cubic feet of exhibit, but it occupies only 3 cubic feet when packed for shipping. That's a 93% reduction! The average 20x20 MultiQuad design fits into only one crate. MultiQuad saves BIG on size-based shipping costs.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Any Quadâ„¢ Look You Want

We offer a virtually unlimited number of Quads to give you any look that you want. These include PMS matched colors, wood grains, brick patterns, standard and back-lit graphics and any design you can dream up.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Designs That You Want

No need to look like anyone else on the trade show floor; stand out with MultiQuad. With MultiQuad, your exhibit can be as fresh as your ideas. Our professional in-house Design Department will create the perfect MultiQuad solution for any show.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Bold Beautiful Graphics

Our in-house graphic design and production division creates premium quality, high impact graphics that ship with your MultiQuad.


Multiquad modular trade show display.

Great Collection of Accessories

You can customize your MultiQuad with accessories including LCD monitors, keyboard shelves, spotlights and back-lights, inset product showcases and more.


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